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ENEN RU II Project

ENEN-RU II Project


"Strengthening of Cooperation and Exchange for Nuclear Education and Training between

the European Union and the Russian Federation".


This project receives funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme 

3 years under grant agreement N° 605149.


Following-up on the structured dialogue established in the framework of cooperation through the FP7 ENEN-RU I project, in compliance with Agreement for cooperation between the European Atomic Energy Community and the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear safety dated 3 October 2001.


The ENEN-RU II project started, for a period of three years, on 1 July 2014.


Coordinator on the European side:   ENEN

European Partners:

- European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), France

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN), Belgium

Ceske Vysoke Uceni Techniske V Praze (CTU), Czech Republic

Centrum Vyzkumu Rez S.R.O (CV REZ), Czech Republic

Universität Stuttgart (IKE), Germany

Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), Germany

Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Ricerca Tecnologica Nucleare (CIRTEN), Italy

University Politehnica Bucharest (UPB), Romania

Slovenska Techniska Univerzita v Bratislave (STUB), Slovakia

University of Manchester (UM), United Kingdom

Tecnatom (TEC), Spain


Coordinator on the Russian side:   ROSATOM

Russian Partners:


State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”

- Rosatom Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (ROSATOM-CICE&T)

Consortium of ROSATOM Core Universities

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” (NRNU MEPhI)


Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation–Institute for Physics and Power Engineering named after A. I. Leypunsky” (FSUE “SSC RF – IPPE”).


Objectives of the Project:


Based on the achievements of the FP7 ENEN-RU project, to further define a common basis for effective cooperation between the European and Russian networks for nuclear Education &Training (E&T) the objectives of the project are:


  • to define a detailed implementation plan based on the needs of cooperation in the long-term agreed during the ENEN-RU project;

  • to solve the difficulties for cooperation found during the ENEN-RU project;

  • to implement the plan in a sustainable manner;

  • to operate the knowledge management framework;

  • to list up and promote further use of E&T facilities, laboratories and equipments.


Work Packages of the Project:


ENEN RU Database of Infrastructures, www.enenru-db.net : 







The Kickoff Meeting of the ENEN-RU II project took place in Obninsk and Moscow, Russian Federation, on 29-30 September 2014. A direct continuation of the FP7 ENEN-RU project which aim is to further improve the framework of cooperation between the EU and the Russian Federation in terms of Nuclear Education and Training.


Kickoff meeting group picture


2014 September - Presentation of the ENEN RU II Project in VUZPROMEXPO Conference

The ENEN RU II project was presented in the annual exhibition “VUZPROMEXPO-2014” on September 30th. VUZPROMEXPO is the main forum in the Russian Federation of national science as the basis of industrialization.

Picture of the special section was dedicated to ENEN-RU II project:



A special section was carried out to present the ENEN-RU II project to the public. Prof. Artisiuk, from the Russian side, and Mr. Dieguez Porras, from the European side, presented the Minutes of the Kickoff meeting, held the day before. The EU side emphasized the importance of nuclear safety culture and training for Generation III and IV systems while the Russian side included also the cooperation in the field of research reactors.


2014 October - Reference in the EU-Russia-Year of Science Website

Publication of the Kickoff meeting reference in the EU-Russia-Year of Science Website.



2015 March - Presentation of ENEN RU II project in the ENEN General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland

On 5 March 2015, the participants of the ENEN RU II project expressed their determination in the bilateral collaboration, addressing issues on safety culture and the specifics of education and training in EU and Russia in order to develop a fruitful cooperation. The training in WWER technology received particularly high interest.


2015 June - 1st Project Progress Meeting of the ENEN RU II Project 

The 1st Progress Meeting of the ENEN-RU II project took place in ATOMEXPO 2015, Moscow, Russian Federation, on 1 June, 2015.


2015 June - Setup of the ENEN RU E&T Forum 

The ENEN RU E&T Forum was set-up in ATOMEXPO 2015, Moscow, Russian Federation, on 2 June 2015.

The ENEN RU II project was presented at the Round Table: Integrated Solution For Personnel Training And Development Of Nuclear Infrastructure For National Nuclear Programmes

The following presentation ENEN-RU Project. Cooperation in personnel training (Pdf. 1,6 МB) was made by Pedro D. Porras, ENEN  General Secretary.



2015 November - Joint course on "Engineering aspects of Nuclear Fuel manufacturing. From initial raw materials to fuel assemblies"

The joint course on "Engineering aspects of nuclear fuel manufacturing" took place in Obninsk, Russian Federation, on 23-27 November 2015. 8 European students and 4 young specialists from Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Spain and Italy from organizations-members of ENEN Association acquired a better understanding of nuclear fuel properties and manufacturing techniques realized in Russian Federation.



Filip Osuky

Juan Ignacio Gonzalez Perez 

Wael Hilali

Marek Ruscak

Ionita Madalina Georgina

Cucu Marina Mazaro

Dima Antonia

Stafie Catalin Alexandru

Pavel Gabriel Lazaro

Martin Sevecek

Raffaela Testoni

Rosa Lofrano

Richard Kamendje


2015 November - 1st Meeting of the ENEN RU E&T Forum 

The International Conference on “Nuclear Safety and Personnel Training” hosted the first ENEN-RU II Forum Meeting in Obninsk, Russian Federation, on 24-25 November 2015. 

During the meeting the EU and the Russian sides decided to develop a joint EU-RU MSc certificate in the field of nuclear engineering. To achieve this goal, the experience of ENEN is planned to be used which was obtained from EMSNE (European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering). A possibility was also created for four ENEN PhD students to participate in the First summer school on “Engineering and computer modeling”.

For the next year, four courses were planned to take place:

  • A two-week course for students and young specialists from countries with WWER technology
  • A joint ENEN and ROSATOM-CICE&T training course which topic is about nuclear safety culture
  • One course on “SAT, Systematic Approach to Training” for European and Russian specialists.



2015 November - Presentation of ENEN RU II project in the International Conference on “Nuclear Safety and Personnel Training”

For the international Conference two extended abstracts were also submitted by ENEN (in the name of the President and of the Secretary General) and by UPB (Prof. Petre Ghitescu).


  • "The ENEN-RU II Project in the frame of the actions of ENEN aimed at promoting mutual recognition in E&T" by Prof. Walter Ambrosini and Mr. Pedro Dieguez Porras. 
  • "ENEN-RU Project on Evaluation of Nuclear Engineering Curricula" by Prof. Petre Ghitescu.


2016 March - Presentation of the evolution of the ENEN RU II project in the ENEN General Assembly in Geel, Belgium 

On 4 march 2016, the evolution of the ENEN RU II project was presented at the ENEN GA and several meetings were held among the European and Russian project partners.


2016 June & July - PhD stage of 3 researchers during 6-7 weeks in NRNU MEPhI


  • Adrian Filip Calin        
  • Alessandro Tassone
  • Filip Osusky  






2016 June - Project and Forum meeting of ENEN-RU II in Saint Petersburg

During the Project and Forum meeting between 27 June and 01 July in 2016, the participants of the project discussed the achieved results and determined the future steps and cooperation strategy. Two Hungarians experts presented the current situation of needs on Education and Training in Hungary and the capabilities and infraestructures of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, member of ENEN.



2016 July - First International training Summer School on "Engineering Computer Modeling" in NRNU MEPhI

On 4-15 July 2016, this innovative Summer school took place with the attendance of the following students.


  • Martin Ševeček
  • Adrian Filip Calin
  • Alessandro Tassone   
  • Filip Osusky  






27 June–1 July 2016 - Joint training course “The safety issues of VVER-type reactors with nuclear fuel based on reprocessed uranium” 

With the title of "The safety issues of VVER-type reactors with nuclear fuel based on reprocessed uranium”, a joint training course was organized by ROSATOM-CICE&T branch in Saint Petersburg with the participation of trainees from Slovakia, Italy, Romania and Czech Republic.



Jakub Lüley

Branislav Vrban

Štefan Čerba

Federico Antonello

Roberto Mascherona

Gabriel Lazaro Pavel

Davit Harutyunyan










2016 October - Joint training course “Safety Culture Management: Methodology and Practice”

On 3-7 October 2016, this joint training course was implemented with the participation of the European facilitators, Mario Gonzalez, expert in Nuclear Safety Culture, as an embedded school/workshop in the XI International Nuclear Forum, event focused on discussion of strategic governance of nuclear power development safety issues. http://rosatom-cicet.ru/wp-content/uploads/booklets/liflet_ssc_1.pdf


2016 October - Joint training course/Workshop on "Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) Methodology" in Tarragona, Spain

Workshop on Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) Methodology was organized by TECNATOM for the delegation of ROSATOM-CICE&T. The promoted methodology can guartantee that the services have a high level of quality and they are constantly updated. The aim of the workshop was to implement this methodology to improve performance-based training for meeting nuclear plant job qualification requirements.




Nuria Rodríguez Linares   

Sara Camafort Luque

Joaquín Zapater Bou

Pilar Esteban Hernando

Claudia Prior Miqueo

Mikhail Fedorov

Dmitry Fofanov

Marina Kandalova

Natalia Shulepova

Sergey Solovyev

Maksim Talabanov





2016 December -Project Progress meeting of ENEN-RU II in Prague, Czech Republic.

On 7 December 2016, the ENEN-RU II Project Meeting was organized in Prague, Czech Republic, where the results of cooperation for all Working Packages were presented by Ms. Natalia Shulepova from the side of ROSATOM-CICE&T. The plans of the cooperation in the following year were discussed as well which were deliberated by the ENEN Secretary General Mr. Pedro Dieguez Porras.



2017 April - Joint training course “Introduction to Nuclear safety analysis of Nuclear Reactors with state-of-art Computer Programs” hosted by TUM in Munich, Germany.

This course was organised on 25-28 April 2017.



  • Moraru Dominic Eugeniu
  • Voda Andreea Cristina
  • Geamanu Valentin Iulian
  • Dinu Victor Emanoil
  • Cucu Marina Ionela
  • Popescu Mihaela
  • Nae Maria-Silvia
  • Hera Mihai Ionut
  • Daniel Vlček
  • Vítek Sladký 
  • Anna Chiara Uggenti
  • Václav Šísl
  • Ranieri Marinari


2017 May-June - PhD stage of 1 researcher during 6 weeks in NRNU MEPhI

  • Martin Oravkin, from STUBA, Slovakia.

2017 May - Joint training course “Multiphysics simulation of nuclear systems” organized at the POLIMI campus in Milan, Italy

On 17-19 May, this course was displayed on line for distant participation from MEPhI.


Physical participants in Milan:      


  • Stafie Catalin Alexandru
  • Vítek Sladký
  • Nicolo Abrate
  • Piero Ravetto
  • Andrea Iovenitti
  • Christian Castagna
  • Andrea di Ronco
  • Carolina Introini
  • Francesco di Lecce
  • Rosario Bellaera
  • Lelio Luzzi
  • Stefano Lorenzi
  • Antonio Cammi
  • Sara Boarin
  • Eric Cervi
  • Alessio Siviero
  • Ettore Guadagni   

Online participants from MEPhI:  


  • Dina Ali
  • Martin Oravkin
  • Phu Pham
  • Hohlov Stanislav
  • Anastasiya Farkhulina
  • Ekaterina Bogdanova
  • Rynat Bahdanocivh
  • Ahmed Ghadbane
  • Hamza Hasnaoui







2017 June - Joint training course “Simulation of different NPPs operation” organized at CTU in Prague, Czech Republic.

This course included practical activities in the facilities of the research reactor.


  • Denis Podoliakin Denis
  • Evgenii Varseev
  • Ivan Andriushin
  • Sergei Solovev
  • Emil Sitdikov
  • Maksim Talabanov
  • Ioana Arama
  • Mario Andrei Militaru


2017 June - Final Project meeting of ENEN-RU II in Moscow

At the IX International Forum “ATOMEXPO-2017” the representatives of ENEN and ROSATOM-CICE&T signed a Memorandum of Understanding renewing the successful cooperation between organizations. The participants reviewed the results of the ENEN-RU II project, shared their experiences and discussed the plans for further cooperation.




For more information contact:

Pedro Dieguez Porras 

Executive Director


Rue d'Egmont 11

Brussels 1000


Email:  secretariat@enen.eu

Jakub Lüley

Branislav Vrban

Štefan Čerba

Federico Antonello

Roberto Mascherona

Gabriel Lazaro Pavel

Davit Harutyunyan