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About ENEN / ENEN Leadership / President


Prof. Leon Cizelj


Head of Reactor Engineering Division, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.

President of the European Nuclear Education Network Association since March 2016.

Leon received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1993. Since 2010 Leon is heading a research division with 25 researchers specializing in nuclear engineering and nuclear safety research and participating in the technical support activities to the Slovenian nuclear regulatory body.

Leon’s research interests include integrity and ageing of components and materials, especially numerical simulations in structural and fracture mechanics, including micromechanics. Leon is also professor of nuclear engineering at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 



Message from the president



Dear members, friends and supporters of ENEN Association!

The development of knowledge and technologies related to nuclear fission and fusion has been one of the major achievements of the mankind. Nuclear fission provides for about 30% of the electricity generated in the European Union. As the most abundant zero carbon energy source it provides for almost half of the European zero carbon electricity. Many significant contributions to science and technologies beyond nuclear power are known and widely applied today. Examples include diagnostics through imaging and variety of therapies in medicine, sterilization in food processing, and diagnostics in industry, forensics, archeology and geology, among others.

The expected lifespan of nuclear power plants, including commissioning and decommissioning, extends over a century. Disposal of radioactive waste from power and non-power applications extends this commitment beyond a century. Safe, competitive and sustainable use of nuclear technologies is therefore based on the long-term commitment of all stakeholders to vigorously participate in the quest for new and management of existing knowledge. Securing further developments in education, training, skills, competences, attitudes and cultures of personnel involved in industry, academia and regulatory organizations, is at the core of the values and efforts that the ENEN Association stands for.

Since its launch in 2003, the ENEN has been successfully growing into the focal point of professionals concerned with further development of nuclear education, training, and knowledge management. The professional communities involved in ENEN today include nuclear engineering, radiation protection, radioactive waste management and nuclear medicine and may grow further through strengthened cooperation with the nuclear fusion community.

The strategic goal of the ENEN Association is to preserve, maintain and further develop the nuclear knowledge for the present and future generations. ENEN is proud to facilitate the commitment and enthusiasm of its members and other nuclear stakeholders to work together towards this mutual strategic goal.

Further information about our initiatives and activities is available for your consideration and critical review in our website. We would be pleased to provide any further information you might require. And, last but not least, we would welcome your active involvement in our activities.

Prof. Leon Cizelj


European Nuclear Education Network Association